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CICD related service introduction

CICD related service introduction


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CI/CD can greatly increase the efficiency and stability of software development. There are many solutions that can be used. Here are some common and application areas.

Code version control:
  • AWS Code Commit AWS native control system, can be painlessly connected with Git

  • Github The largest code is stored on the website. Currently, the free version of the project can also open an unlimited number of private repositories. Only some features require payment.

  • Bitbucket Another cloud repository that uses Git can also open unlimited private repositories.

  • Gitlab, Gitea Can let users set up on the ground

  • AWS CodeBuild Applicable to CodeCommit, S3, Github, Bitbucket, can be compiled with linux/windows with different docker images

  • Jenkins CI The old open source tool allows users to install CICD on the ground. It has the advantage of cross-platform. It can also use the multi-host architecture to distribute work for continuous delivery. It is suitable for the company to build an internal CICD server.

  • Travis CI It only works on Github, but it has a large number of users and is stable in use. However, since C#.net is compiled on Linux, there may be problems. The free version can be used unlimitedly for public repositories, while private has 100 trials per account.

  • Appveyor There are multiple Source sources to choose from The compilation support for windows is higher, and the price is slightly cheaper than Travis CI.

  • Circle CI Can be used for Github, Bitbucket The free version has support for providing a private repository, which is limited by the number of times per month.

  • Drone.io Support GitHub, GitHubEnterprise, Bitbucket, GitLab, can be set up at the ground

  • AWS CodeDeploy By deploying the deployment package through S3, you can set the deployment mode (direct replacement, blue-green deployment) and the way traffic is distributed during deployment. Each CI platform can place a deployment package through Plugin and call CodeDeploy for deployment.
Integration Services:
  • AWS CodePipeline AWS CodeBuild can be triggered by the source code source (CodeCommit, S3, Github, Bitbucket), and CodeDeploy completes the deployment update of the entire server.
can be combined in a way similar to the following:

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